July 10, 2024
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Wendy's, America's Fastest-Growing Fast Food Chain, Expands to Ireland and Romania

Wendy's, the American fast-food giant, is accelerating its European expansion with new franchise agreements in the Republic of Ireland and Romania, aiming to open hundreds of restaurants across the continent by 2035.
Wendy's, America's Fastest-Growing Fast Food Chain, Expands to Ireland and Romania
Batu Gezer - Unsplash

Wendy's, the renowned American fast-food chain, is making significant strides in its global expansion strategy by announcing the signing of two new development agreements with franchisees in the Republic of Ireland and Romania. This move marks the company's entry into these new markets, with plans to open restaurants in both countries starting in 2025.

This expansion aligns with Wendy's ambitious goal of establishing hundreds of restaurants across Europe over the next decade. The company has already re-established a foothold in the United Kingdom in 2021, with plans to expand to 400 restaurants there. Wendy's is actively seeking well-established franchisees in other European markets who possess strong operational experience, local development expertise, and a proven track record of rapidly growing brands.

In addition to its franchise expansion, Wendy's has made substantial investments in local resources to support its European growth. This includes establishing a robust supply chain, regional operations teams, and partnerships with world-class marketing and creative agencies.

The company's commitment to European expansion is evident in its strong performance in the United Kingdom, where it expects to have 50 restaurants operational by the end of the year. Wendy's is also actively expanding its brand presence across the UK, including the recent opening of a restaurant in Liverpool.

E.J. Wunch, President of International for The Wendy's Company, emphasised the importance of Europe as a high-priority strategic growth market for the brand. He stated that Wendy's is focused on building relationships with franchisees who share their ambition to grow and scale the Wendy's restaurant footprint across the continent.

Michael Clarke, Managing Director for Wendy's Europe, expressed his excitement about the brand's growth in Europe, highlighting the strong demand from consumers for Wendy's fresh, high-quality, and delicious food.

Wendy's is renowned for its square hamburgers made with fresh beef, freshly prepared salads, and other signature items like chili, baked potatoes, and the Frosty dessert. The company boasts over 7,000 restaurants worldwide across 30+ markets and territories.

The company's international expansion strategy has been a key driver of its growth, with 70% of its planned expansion through 2025 focused on international markets. In 2023, Wendy's achieved its 13th consecutive year of global same-restaurant sales growth, fuelled by strong partnerships with franchisees and supplier partners.

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