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July 2, 2024
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Greece Pioneers World's First National Satellite Fire Detection System

The Greek Ministry of Digital Governance, in collaboration with the European Space Agency and OroraTech, has announced the development of the world's first national satellite fire detection system, a €20 million investment aimed at combatting the growing threat of forest fires.
Greece Pioneers World's First National Satellite Fire Detection System
Matt Howard - Unsplash

Greece is set to become the first country in the world to establish a national satellite-based system for the early detection and management of forest fires. The €20 million project, led by the Ministry of Digital Governance and the Hellenic Space Center, will deploy four thermal imaging satellites and a comprehensive fire detection system developed by OroraTech.

This groundbreaking initiative aims to tackle the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires, which pose a significant threat to human lives, ecosystems, and the economy. By leveraging space technology, the system will provide real-time monitoring and early warning capabilities, enabling a swift and effective response to fire outbreaks.

OroraTech, a Munich-based company specialising in forest fire information using satellite data, will collaborate with a consortium of Greek subcontractors, including universities and technology companies, to deliver a comprehensive fire management system. This will include ground-based systems, data processing services, and the satellite constellation for continuous monitoring of the entire Greek territory.

The data services provided by OroraTech will be directly integrated with Greek emergency services, allowing for rapid response and coordination in case of fire incidents. The project also includes the establishment of an OroraTech hub in Athens, further solidifying Greece's position as a leader in innovative fire management technologies.

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