June 26, 2024
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FF Ventures Announces 1000 MW Solar and Energy Storage Projects in Romania

Renewable energy company FF Ventures is expanding into Romania, with plans to develop 1000 MW of solar and energy storage projects over the next three years.
FF Ventures Announces 1000 MW Solar and Energy Storage Projects in Romania
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FF Ventures, a leading renewable energy company, has officially entered the Romanian market with plans to develop a substantial portfolio of solar and energy storage projects. Over the next three years, the company aims to implement 500 MW of solar projects and 500 MW of energy storage projects, marking a significant expansion in its European operations.

FF Ventures' decision to invest in Romania follows a comprehensive market analysis. Several factors influenced this decision:

  • Alignment with Shareholder Goals: The company’s shareholders, including major European investment funds such as Octopus and Time to Act Capital, are focused on aiding regions in achieving their decarbonisation and CO2 emission reduction targets.
  • Romania’s Renewable Energy Commitment: The country’s Integrated National Plan in the field of Energy and Climate Change (PNIEC) and its favorable regulatory environment encourage investments in renewable energy.
  • Economic and Industrial Growth: Romania’s anticipated economic growth and industrialisation are expected to increase energy consumption, creating a conducive market for renewable energy investments.

Andrei Pecingine, FF Ventures’ development director for Romania, emphasised these points, highlighting the country's promising market dynamics for renewable energy projects.

FF Ventures has an extensive track record in renewable energy, with significant projects across Europe and beyond:

  • Spain: Deploying 2.2 GW of photovoltaic (PV) capacity.
  • Portugal: Managing 1.2 GW of PV capacity.
  • Upcoming Operations: Expanding into France and Mexico with new projects underway.
  • Offshore Wind: Through the joint venture IberBlue Wind, FF Ventures is involved in a floating offshore wind project pipeline with a total capacity of 5 GW.

FF Ventures' ambitious plans for 1000 MW of solar and energy storage projects in Romania highlight the country's potential as a key market for renewable energy investments. With a strong commitment to sustainable development and a strategic approach to market entry, FF Ventures is poised to contribute significantly to Romania's energy transition and economic growth.

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