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May 14, 2024
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BMW's Munich Plant Embraces Electric Future with AI

BMW's Munich plant is transforming into an all-electric facility by 2027, utilising AI and digitalisation to enhance production.
BMW's Munich Plant Embraces Electric Future with AI
Fernando Marquez - Unsplash

BMW's historic Munich factory is set to exclusively produce electric vehicles (EVs) from 2027, marking a significant shift towards e-mobility. A €650 million investment is paving the way for a new assembly line and body shop, with construction already underway. The plant will begin with the production of the Neue Klasse sedan, a model representing BMW's reinvented electric philosophy.

The transition to EVs at the Munich plant is being facilitated by increased digitalisation and the use of artificial intelligence (AI). This 'iFactory' principle aims to enhance production efficiency and quality while supporting the plant's 7,800 employees.

BMW's board member, Milan Nedeljković, emphasises that the new assembly line will remain flexible to accommodate alternative energy solutions beyond electric, such as hydrogen. While the company is committed to e-mobility, it recognizes the importance of staying adaptable to future technological advancements.

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